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Our Network

Recognition One works with tech scale-ups, start-ups, enterprises and VCs across Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific. 

We make key placements across their C-Suite’s and other critical areas within all lines of business.

Most of our searches are retained headhunt assignments and go un-advertised, and due to the rapid pace of technology many of our VC clients ask us to proactively seek outstanding individuals for their portfolio companies. 

Your Future

It is our goal to help make your vision of the future a reality.

By applying our proven interview profiling processes to uncover not only your skills and experiences, but also your values, drivers’, and ambitions we can accurately present opportunities that really align.

Upholding the values of honesty and transparency, we will provide insight and advice on the key career decisions you are likely to face.


After years of a successful career, you may now find yourself at a crossroads and want to explore beyond your immediate network. Navigating your career on your own is not always easy. On one side, as much as 75% of new executive searches are completed via the unpublished market and on the other side, the recruitment industry primarily serves the needs of the employer, leaving executives on their own for the most part. 

Your approach to the market and to each application is particularly important in this economic climate. With much less opportunity and a greater number of executives competing against you, it is much more difficult to secure a top position.

To help with this, we have three services to give you an edge.


Role specific CV preparation
Unified digital presence
Be visible to the “right” people
An impactful first impression


Align to opportunities
Role play to enhance delivery
Optimise interview preparation


Exposure to more opportunities
Discreet application process
Package negotiation
All other services included


Please reach out to us for a confidential conversation and more information on whether we can help you with our current opportunities.

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