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Exceptional technical talent, sharing your values.

This is what we provide to our clients.

And we do it quickly.

It’s about urgency, cultivated networks, advanced interviewing and commitment.

Our Core Tech Stack

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Mobile
  • AI & ML

Talent Delivery at Pace

When you’re hiring, it’s often urgent. Businesses cannot pause projects, or place objectives on hold. We recognise the pressures and understand the importance of speed in delivery. We’re well connected, proactive networkers and highly responsive to our clients. We love to take the pressure off the companies that we support!

Rapid expansion, hyper growth, an urgent replacement?… We’ve got you covered.


Individual underperformance impacts the whole business. It’s a time drain, financially expensive and hinders overall business potential. And recruiters are often blind to the true capabilities of candidates that they introduce!

We solve the performance problem through a meticulous interview process involving an exploration of past performance in multiple environments, understanding real reasons for leaving past employers, identifying additional entrusted responsibilities, and conducting permission-based proactive referencing early in the process. High performers can be reliably identified.

Our process is thorough and above all, we listen attentively to both specific client requirements and an individual’s goals, drivers, and aspirations.


Every culture is unique, as are all people. Shared values are critical. Without alignment, you’ll encounter commitment problems and quiet quitting. By connecting the dots, people will go the extra mile to achieve company goals and you’ll benefit from strong levels of retention.

Again, the key is listening to both parties!

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Our technical talent specialists take pride in helping both companies & individuals to thrive. They want you to succeed and have the know-how to make it happen!

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