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Our collaborative and consultative approach to Data Science recruitment allows our clients to find expert talent perfectly aligned to their unique strategies and requirements.

We understand your business drivers and culture and match that to personality and motivations, as well as technical to create the perfect match.

We know what great looks like

We have the network, brand, experience & skill to lead talent acquisition efforts for your Data Science needs. We understand that the right person is not just a Data Scientist or Engineer, and so try to match experience, skill & personality to each specific requirement, departmental culture and the DNA of your organisation.

Our profiling is sector-leading and we consistently identify top bracket value-add executives for our clients. 

Typical vacancies we help with:

  • Quantitative Analysts
  • Deep Learning and AI
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • NLP Engineers
  • Web Analysis and Optimisation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Engineers (AI)

Mapping people to need

Our dedicated data scientist team understand the challenge in extracting data value from data volume. We deep-dive into the ways you will implement the data, the technology infrastructure supporting you, and the overall goals of your company to fully understand your candidate needs. Only then can we start to map talent on top.

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